IPv6 Problem Finder

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IPv6 Problem Finder

IPv6 Problem Finder reads in a Wireshark trace and provides recommendations in English. When you start integrating IPv6 into your network, understanding all the protocol changes can be overwhelming. Let IPv6 Problem Finder help you. Many companies are using IPv6 Problem Finder in their labs to manage the process of implementing IPv6.

You can use IPv6 Problem Finder to:​
  • Perform root cause analysis
  • Analyze DNSv6
  • Explain multicast, link-local, ULA)
  • Decode ICMPv6
  • Match tunneled packets
  • Compare IPv4 / IPv6 capacity and throughput​


Our products can speed up diagnostics tremendously. When you have problems requiring protocol- and packet analysis, our products can save you time. Our Problem Finder products import a Wireshark trace into our rule-based expert system to produce recommendations and reports based on years of networking expertise.

IPv6 Problem Finder v11.10.2

End of Life (EoL) support date for this version: 12/31/2025
New versions will extend the EoL date