Thinking Inside The Box


TCP Problem Finder

TCP Problem Finder allows you to see patterns in TCP, UDP, or ICMP traffic. As serious systems programmers know, many problems in the stack, network, or devices can be found this way. TCP Problem Finder finds errors or inefficiencies in configuration or performance of TCP, UDP, socket applications, interfaces, network hardware, or routes.

SSL Problem Finder

SSL Problem Finder allows you to decode the traces for SSL or AT-TLS traffic. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is widely implemented to protect TCP application traffic. SSL Problem Finder will help you diagnose problems with connection setup and negotiation. You can view problems with certificates, encryption algorithms and much more.

IPv6 Problem Finder

IPv6 Problem Finder reads in a Wireshark trace and provides recommendations in English. When you start integrating IPv6 into your network, understanding all the protocol changes can be overwhelming. Let IPv6 Problem Finder help you. Many companies are using IPv6 Problem Finder in their labs to manage the process of implementing IPv6.

DNS Problem Finder

DNS Problem Finder allows you to see errors and response times for unicast and multicast DNS. Domain Name System (DNS) is critical to the functioning of networks. Slowdowns in DNS can cause unforeseen slowdowns in application traffic. Analysis of both IPv4 and IPv6 DNS queries is supported.