You may wish to attend classes specializing in TCP/IP problem diagnostics, performance, and tuning, in problem diagnostics for network security protocols (SSL, AT-TLS), or IPv6 planning and implementation. We have taught these classes in the U.S., Germany, Spain, and Portugal. We can do an in-person class for your company internally. Please contact us at: (831) 659-8360 in the United States of America or at our Contact Us page.


Introduction to IPv6

Pricing: 1-day (4 hours) $500 per person, 3-day (12 hours) $1,500 per person
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IPv6 is much more than a larger address. Many features of the IPv4 protocol have been replaced. Address planning and structure is completely different.

Much of what you know for IPv4 needs to be rethought. For example, ARP has been replaced with Neighbor Discovery. NAT does not exist in IPv6 – or does it? We will review address planning for IPv4 and then consider how we might do that in IPv6.

We will also briefly discuss application changes.

In this class, we will look at:

  • IPv6 on z/OS, Windows, Linux and routers
  • Tunneling (Manual, GRE, GRE with IPSec, 6to4, Teredo)
  • Address planning for IPv4 and IPv6
  • Application changes

IPv6 Addressing

Pricing: 1-day (4 hours) $500 per person
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To be successful in implementing and understanding IPv6 networks, you need to first understand the IPv6 address methodology which is, in many ways, a fundamental change from the IPv4 paradigm. In this introduction, you will become familiar with what is different as well as what is the same with IPv6.

  • Public and private addresses
  • IPv6 Prefixes
  • IPv6 Address Structure
  • IPv6 Interface ID
  • IPv6 Addressing and Address Allocation Methods (stateless, stateful)
  • Address types, unicast, multicast, anycast
  • Address categories: global, site local, link local
  • Unique Local Unicast addresses
  • Zero compression
  • Special addresses (loopback, unspecified, IPv4 mapped IPv6)
  • Broadcast address elimination
  • This webinar will be followed by a hands-on lab to illustrate the concepts shown.

IPv6 Address Plan

Pricing: 1-day (4 hours) $500 per person, 3-day (12 hours) $1,500 per person
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The agenda topics include: 

  • Review the important prefixes needed for an IPv6 address plan,
  • Discuss how a good address plan makes security and routing policy easier,
  • Consider numbering your LAN segment, SSID, or VLAN,
  • Consider numbering for sites, backbone, links,
  • Consider how to remember your addresses for diagnostics and troubleshooting, and
  • Look at plans that other enterprises have done.

We can also start planning your own address plan.